This is Stråla

Stråla is known for its fun, laid-back, energetic, open vibe blending dogma-free yoga and tai chi principles. Movement begins with your breath. Every inhale opens and creates space, every exhale relaxes and lets you move easily into the space you create. Stråla class types include STRONG (intense flow), RELAX (chill flow), ENERGIZE (invigorating flow), BASICS (awareness flow), GENTLE (restorative flow) and Stråla 45 (core flow). All Stråla classes move slowly and continuously, guided with deep breath and easygoing movement from your middle. You’ll get strong, let stress go, and accomplish tremendous challenges with ease.  You’ll also feel free, creative and intuitive, while getting healthy and happy from the inside out!

Come make shapes with me in class!

Other valuable services provided are listed below. 

Current coaching clients receive 15% off all private yoga sessions!


Are you ready to get moving?

Privates are designed and tailored entirely for you in every sense. Open yourself up, inspire and indulge yourself, meditate and move yourself, dropping the stress and tension allows you the chance to connect to yourself; growing strong, healthy and happy. Meet yourself right where you are daily and so what you look for in one private session one day may be entirely different from the next and that is okay too!


from 65.00
Let's Flow!
  • Beginners.  It’s an incredible opportunity to support your budding practice without feeling overwhelmed by open classes. You will gain so much insight on the best ways to move with ease, grace and a way that feels most natural to you. Learn how to move, how to breathe, and how to be fully you on a mat, in a way that is safe, fun.
  • Runners. The runner’s high is one of the more addictive natural highs but running is tough on the body. Yoga: RUNNER Rx series is designed to loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots, with a shot of core work and a focus on breath-body connection that will leave you feeling mentally grounded, focused and ready for your next run. You'll be a better, less injury-prone runner!  These are four (4), 1 hour long sessions designed for you to reach your personal best come race day when you are lacing up your sneaks or any regular day just walking the streets. 

Private session are also great for parties. Individual and group session packages are available.



In today’s fast paced, never ending workday, how do you foster a healthy lifestyle in an office? Bring yoga to your work setting. A boardroom or meeting space is all you need. Yoga in the workplace can improve posture and morale; prevent aches and pains; promote creativity, efficiency and grace all while keeping the energy level high. Corporate Yoga classes increase productivity and brings everyone together to do something fun as a group. Yoga can be a welcome break to a busy workday or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end of the day.

Designed for all experience levels. The benefits are endless! 

For Employees:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Stronger muscles and increased flexibility, mobility
  • Improved posture and overall health

For Businesses:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees
  • More respect for senior management of companies
  • More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company