Coaching Session

Coaching Session


You can share time with me via phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or whatever digital platform floats your boat, and together we will get you hyped and in action toward your dreams and goals.

Ask anything! Food, fitness, lifestyle related, mindful living, you name it, nothing is off limits. 

  • Looking for a few quick tips to feel a healthier and/or happier? 
  • Need a few go-to breakfast ideas or snack ideas? 
  • A quick inspiration session? 
  • Want to create a plan but don't know where to start?
  • Need help tweaking a plan your already have so that you can really see the change you want in your life? 
  • Want a guided meditation session?

Expect a super focused session on a topic of your choice. What excites you?  How can I help you make friends with food, love your body and live the dream life?

(Great for addressing specific questions, if you've completed the S.E.L.F. Action Program, those seeking support around minor diet and lifestyle tweaks and adjustments, or honing in on one topic of focus)

Let's Do This!