Yoga Kitchen & Co. Vol. IV

d~_~bUZZ Beats: Flow worthy tunes for your home yoga practice

The fourth installment of Yoga Kitchen & Co. was held Sunday, February 19, 2017 inside the beautiful Athleta Studio located in the Flatiron area of New York City. This gathering was the first of many collaborations to come. Partnering with Ovary, we discussed the female hormone cycle, had some happy hormone foods and went through a flow that's perfect for that time of the month. Check out this playlist guaranteed to get you going if you are feeling sluggish during your cycle. 

What are some of your favorite tunes that get you through these times filled with a wide spectrum of emotions?

Yoga Kitchen & Co. is a gathering to cultivate sisterhood; rooted in compassion and connection; nourishing the body on all levels, striving to build and create a resilient community promoting and encouraging self-care, self-empowerment for women who are committed to creating their ideal lives. Pure girl-power vibes here.