Yoga: Runners Rx - Runner's Lunge Flow

Your time on the mat is like those create your own adventure stories. You are the one in control.

[note: video was sped up slightly to show both the left and right side in the allotted time for instagram]

Runner's Lunge is not just for runners. It's perfect for athletes, dancers, actually runner's lunge is a great gift for all! It helps develop stability and mobility in the lower body. 

So many benefits are happening here: great for groin, quads, hamstrings, it's a nice for opening and aligning the hips, activating the glutes, , also great for Sciatica. A nice warm up before you begin almost any workout.

This is a nice gently flow that's great as a warm up before you begin almost any workout and it's chill enough for a post-run cooldown. Give it a shot and let me know how you feel.

Lets get a bit into the back, on hands and knees just move about with your breath. Maybe you round and arch the spine if that feels nice, maybe you move forward and back. Just explore see what your body needs today. Each day will be different. 

When you've had enough of that, on an inhale gently tuck your toes, shift your hips back and up to downward facing dog. Gently peddle out your feet, maybe you press one heel down and opposite palm, breathing nice and easy.

When you are ready, inhale that right leg high, bend the knee, open up the hip if you like and ease the foot through to low lunge. Maybe you sway a bit side to side before lower your back knee down, untucking the toes. Few options here; maybe you hang out right where you are; if you want to inhale lifting your arms high, opening up the chest a bit or keep them low or maybe you go for a gently twist. Find what you need and linger there for a few breaths.

Fingertips find the ground as you tuck your toes, shifting your hips back to sit on your heel. Inhale, lift the chest long and on the exhale relax your torso over the front leg. Letting your head go and your neck go, relaxing your jaw, just staying easy with your breath. Hangout there if that feels nice, maybe you sit up and gently rock your foot side to side.

Moving at your own pace, gently crawl your fingertips forward to low lunge, left fingertips have the floor as you inhale your left arm high, open up the chest, staying soft in your knees, as you exhale your left arm down, fingertips trade side as you inhale your right are up, open up the chest. On the exhale, fingertips have the ground, low lunge. Gently swivel the toes the the left, passing through wide legged forward fold and settling into a low lunge on the left. Repeat this on the other side. This side might not feel the same as the other and that's okay.

Your time on the mat is like those create your own adventure stories. You are the one in control. Most importantly go easy on your body, moving slowly and with your breath. No need to flex or force your way into any pose. So much more is gained when you allow yourself to just relax.

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Move easily, breathe fully and happily. More to come, stay tuned!