Yoga: Runners Rx - Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back

thread the needle

[note: video was sped up slightly to show both the left and right side in the allotted time for instagram]

Runners, pounding the pavement can cause discomfort in your neck and shoulders. Thread the Needle Pose is great to release tension and open the shoulders, chest, arms, upper back, and neck. Stay easy in your body, moving with your breath. Letting the inhales lift you, create space and the exhales soften you, allowing you to settle into that space gently. The deeper you breathe, the more your body will be able to relax.

From hands and knees or from child's pose, on an inhale float your right arm up, on the exhale slide your right arm underneath your left arm. Explore, find what feels good to you here. Maybe you lift your hips high or maybe extend one leg to deepen the stretch. Just breathe big full breaths to release any tension in your shoulder. If something doesn't feel good ease on out and find something else. To release, exhale the palm back to the floor and slowly inhale to repeat on the opposite side.

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Move easily, breathe fully and happily. More to come, stay tuned!