d~_~bUZZ Beats: Flow worthy tunes for your home yoga practice

Your yoga practice is a reflection of who you are. In my day to day life I don't typically listen to classical Indian music, Sanskrit chants and/or play the harmonium so incorporating those elements in my yoga practice would make me feel a bit like a fraud. The more I can be myself on the mat, the more I can be myself in all areas of my life. 

Music and yoga are both intimate and immediate experiences. Nothing beats a yoga class with good tunes going as you unwind, reconnect and focus on right where you are. Enjoy these playlists when you are in the mood for a more active flow or maybe something more chill. 

 If you practice yoga, what is your favorite yoga song/artist/type of music to listen to while you practice?

ENERGIZE, FALL '16 (invigorating flow)

GENTLE, FALL '16 (restorative flow)