One Down Dog: A Collaborative Playlist Experience


I will use this playlist Monday, December 12th at 5pm at Athleta Studio! If you are in the New York City area, please come flow with us!

Thank you all for contributing!!

It's play time! Add your vibe to the mix.

What if I turned my playlist over to you? What if I decided to guide a yoga class with the playlist you created? This social experiment can either be really fun or totally disastrous but no matter what, I'm shelving my Type-A self for a moment and handing the musical keys to YOU.

I've added one song to get the ball rolling. Now it's your turn. Have a song you are jonesing to get your yoga flow on to? Just follow the One Down Dog playlist then add your track. It's that simple. 

One Down Dog playlist is currently live for the month of November or until we hit 60 minutes worth of music. This playlist will be used in a class in December. Maybe that will be my first livestream, hmm...

More details on that to come. Stay tuned, folks! (see what i did there)?