GENTLE (summer '16) 60 Minute Yoga Playlist

d~_~bUZZ Beats: Flow worthy tunes for your home yoga practice

People generally either really enjoy music in yoga class, or cannot freaking stand it - and I actually understand both sides. Sometimes, I enjoy reveling in the silence as I move with my breath at my own pace and other times, I want a dance party vibe. On days that I'm feeling extra funky, I turn to my self-care toolbox and pull out the double hitter for my home practice, yoga and music. "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain," sing it Bob Marley! Sang it! 

Being wowed by music is such an exhilarating feeling. It’s so much fun to hear a song you’ve never heard. I get all giddy and eager to hear it again. Sometimes, I may include it in my next yoga playlist.

Over the summer, I partnered with Athleta to offer Stråla Yoga Monday nights. These "Mellow Mondays" were a great way to ease into the week; when you want to workout but maybe not workup a sweat.  This playlist is perfect for a very GENTLE flow.

Let's talk! What music are you listening to lately? Do you like these playlist posts? I know I'm always looking for new tunes - would you like to hear any of them in class or not so much? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.